Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Want To Be Adults

Good afternoon,

            Another beautiful day and I am so happy you are here! Today we are talking about something that is very much a part of our world today and probably always has been. Kids want to be adults. Now, not just adults but, some try for little gods? Nonetheless, It is a very interesting topic to discuss because, we all at some point make the transition. Which one are you? Some kids want to be adults so badly they imitate and behave just like them. Down to the smallest idea and phrase. I was one of those kids that wanted to stay a child. Think back when you were growing up, how was it for you? Why do kids want to be adults? It is said that the highest level of admiration and adornment is imitation. Could it be why some kids want to be adults so badly? To make someone proud or to have freedom? I think kids want to be adults because, they are showing love. A love that is subconscious and painted in rebellion. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Phones Or New Tracking Devices?

Good morning,

          The fast approaching infamous "Black Friday" is almost upon us. It is now time for a new cellular device! Although, before you go and splurge I would like to propose a question to you. Of all the many things people may come to actual purchase cellphones are bound to be on the list. Even though, most people may not question it, how do you feel about cellphones these days? Are they just new phones or are they tracking devices? I prefer to see them as the latter, considering GPS's are actually installed in most of these devices. However, once you have identified which cellphone you will get how do we know if they are truly more necessary than the phones before?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Things We Do For Distinction

Good morning,

               Hello readers and visionaries alike! The time has come for everyone to come together as a family and celebrate just that, togetherness. Today, I was thinking to myself it's easier to get distracted than ever before, it can be difficult to build a place to focus that togetherness. How can we maximize the holidays and everyday life for that matter? The answer is something that can help create those spaces, distinction. The things we do for distinction often times vary from persons to persons, from family to family. For example, imagine having a work space at home and every time it was "professional time" you wore your shoes and a tie. Maybe, you are at a Thanksgiving gathering and there are fall colors and turkey to help build a distinction from other types of gatherings. In the home office example mentioned, what would you do to distinguish from a professional work place in what is also your home? For a Thanksgiving gathering do you feel it is even necessary to distinguish? Is distinction so important after all? Leave a comment below and have an amazing day!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Appreciation For The Unlikely

Good Morning,

            How are you wonderful people doing today?! Smile, you made it to another day! A place to grow was our last post here at IAATV's official blog spot. I'm sure there are many wonderful examples you and your friends came up with to pinpoint as places you all go to grow. Now, that we have identified those places of inspiration, I think it is only right to transition to today's reflection on something we all appreciate. Appreciation, is shown all the time in more ways than you may think. Think about school, there are entire subjects reflecting on works from the past, science and specific people, such as Shakespeare. We all like to be appreciated even though popular society only tends to recognize certain qualities. There is a beautiful example of shining excellence I would like to shed some light on today, the late "Dame" Ruth Nita Barrow. She became the first and only female Governor-General of Barbados. Who would you like to appreciate? Leave a comment below so we can see and have a wonderful day appreciating!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Nurturing Ground (A Place To Grow)

Good Afternoon,
         A place to grow, where is this located? I wish I had a precise answer to that question just like we all wish we had the exact answer to a number of questions we face daily. In a time where information is always a click away and there are a number of solutions to any one problem, we have to simplify and select more than ever before. It's no wonder most things that are sold have that "easy to use" tone to it. Now, imagine the infinite ideas not only running in your head but, others and you'll get a glimpse of how incredible and infinite things can become. It is this idea I wish to contain in an appropriate space. A nurturing ground is a place to grow and we all have need of it. What do you think about when you read these words, "a place to grow". What place do you go to grow? Thank you for your time and if you'd like leave a comment below and tell a friend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Television and Suspense

           Enjoy great conversations, endure long bouts of  boredom, and establish your position as the most invested in television shows! Have you ever wondered why we all are drawn to television? Why is it that we constantly get in these spaces that are not only time consuming but, very attention vested. Why is it we can flip through channels and there's always those certain shows, movies, or even commercials that grab us and make us stop? For some it is truly boredom that drives us to such things and for others it is merely curiosity. True story, a couple days ago on Sunday evening, I was with my girlfriend and her family relaxing after a very fun beach retreat in sunny Florida. The day progressed and as the evening came we all gravitated towards the television. Now, naturally I have little to no interest into television itself, however it was socially acceptable at the time, so I accepted. I happen to only catch glimpses of the shows and I was already emotionally invested and on the edge of my seat! Wizards, pirates, powers, love, swords, and dancing were all there in a television show and formulated around suspenseful cliffhangers with gorgeous music. It was truly amazing! It is this experience that I think makes people so invested in television. What is your experience with television and what do you think makes people gravitate towards it? Leave your comment below!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Follow Your Impossible

Today is whatever day in history it is and you are the point to this entire thing that's occurring, interested interaction. Well, are you ready to follow your impossible?  Think hard, and think long about those things you care dearly about. Now, say what you dreamed in your bravest most daring hour! You see it's just as a recent highschool graduate once said "Imagine you knew you couldn't fail, what would you dream?". We as individuals often time get pulled away from what made us soar before and, rise above. Now, we at IAATV and its members will start that torch again. Will you join us? Will you not let failure be an option.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School and What is Good?

I have to say I personally feel a certain way about school. More specifically the type of schooling I have been exposed to. In the center of Florida I attended the public school system grudgingly. I particular hold the position that most of highschool is necessary but, perhaps the last year is not. How do you feel about education? Have you ever thought about possible changes?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Absolute or Not? (**Warning Reader Discretion Is Advised)

Dear IAATV reader, what is the most controversial topic you can think of? Now, I want to expound upon those grounds and build an arc to highlight truths and to find more truths. Before we continue, below is a very controversial topic and video depicting disturbing images (viewer discretion is advised). Where does the mind go when individuals talk about grave debates such as abortion. Throughout history it has held the highest regard and even no regard at times. Today, I want to go there, in the most objective way possible (if possible). Better than I can explain, there is a video I would like your reaction to.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Okay, so where is it located? I mean seriously, where is the position, the longitude and latittude of this meaning to life? If you ask me I say it is located in the stars far far away. Some people might call me crazy but, regardless like life there is limited choice here at the moment. Without further ado I propose purpose as a question itself. In other words does "purpose" exist and if so, where is it coming from? Give me something good my I Am Above Tv people!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Internet, Just How Do You Use It?

Counting away the days in my mind of just checking Facebook, my e-mail, and maybe YouTube I probably have veered off that norm only about three out of ten times (not including this blog). Phone, PC, or tablet, I mean when is the point of wasting money on a faster than necessary connection going to come into play? Think about it..Let us say the average internet bill for higher download speeds is anywhere from $60-$80 per month as apposed to maybe $50 for basic. With a closer examination at what we are actually doing with the access as apposed to what can be done, we develop a healthier mind on how we are involved with our internet services or whether it is worth it as apposed to just using a local coffee shops or library free WiFi to handle our basic quick needs. I am curious how do you use your internet? What do you think?

Just Say I Do Already!

Recently, one of our I Am Above TV writers sister got married! Yeah, I know congratulations and bravo right? Well, yes and we could just leave it at that. However, being who we are I took it personally a little further than that. Today, I'd like to talk about standards, in particular length of engagements. Now, we wont expose the length of our writer who's family member got married recently but, we will try to pick out a standard length of time for a "healthy" engagement. In my personal opinion, at least one years time is necessary and in order for an engagement to be called "healthy". Weddings are a big thing, and we all know this. Now, taking your time to plan for the wedding is good however, some people can take that too far. Three years is what I call "The Threshold" people and quite frankly pushing it (Even with unforeseen circumstances). In your opinion what is that standard? What would you prefer? Let us know below.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Is The Best Investment You Have Made In Life?

One may think of themselves as just ordinary but, here is were things get interesting. When you invest there is a law of return. Some say things are a waste of time if they did not get what they in turn intended to receive for their invested time. Consider for every force there is an equal and opposite force. Without the need to go into details about how that process works I plead this urgent question. Just what is the best investment you have made in your life? Now there are two ways to look at it one, the most effort you have put into one thing and then the biggest return you have ever received. For me personally, it is my running of which I have been doing for years since 9th grade, I'm now 24. I put a lot of effort and got a lot of reward, even some hardly to do with track n field or running. I wanna hear from you! Let me know.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friends vs You

Remember when it was easy to go to sleep and not have to worry about anything involving tomorrow? The joys of yesterday and the joys of tomorrow. That was a magical connection we had with life, back in the day. When was that day changed? How much of our lives are we worried about and how much are we not? In my opinion, friends are better for us then many give credit. But, where exactly do these relationships lead? A person should either chase their dreams (You)or settle by taking unnecessary obligations (friends)?
What you think?
Friends, you?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lets play spin the bottle..?

Generation after generation kids often take "chance" as a beautiful and wonderful thing to participate in, instead of the dreaded thing adults often see it as. Games like spin the bottle are great ways to think about taking chances again and not live so strict you forget you not alive. I remember playing spin the bottle when I was young and I rarely got what I wanted but, so did everyone else. It's like we were celebrating failure or maybe we were excepting the beauty of friendship and others? Tell me of a game of chance you played and what are you thinking right now? Talk to you guys later.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Too much confidence (overconfidence) can limit the ability to reflect our own mistakes. However, according to Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangham "When two opposing combatants are assessing each other in a conflict, if one of them has an exaggerated sense of his own abilities he is more likely to emerge from the fight as the winner." Consider a time you have been in a conflict, did you become victorious because, of this tool? Is confidence more good than bad? Let me know! Thanks for reading stay tuned.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clever Advertisement

How do you feel about advertising? More specifically indicated, "clever advertisement" has been an undoubtedly apart of our day to day happenings that we may or may not realize. How do you feel when these things do occur? The most obvious time to catch these for me is when I'm using my Google Nexus tablet surfing You Tube and just before every (almost) clip I choose there is a cleverly done advertisement about any number of subjects and, I have to watch at least 5 seconds of it, I absolutely don't like it. What do you think?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Advertisement vs Growth

A very integral part of going about business decisions on a grand scale almost always involves advertisement. Whether your Subway suggesting  your subs can fearlessly help the fight against obesity or your a small business owner with the absolute lowest prices around, advertisement is key to moving forward. My question is how incredibly different or the same advertisement is vs growth? Does that particular Super Bowl commercial strategy really amount to a growth? Is that growth healthy?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Am...

An organization, group, company. What do you represent when you are out and about?  What standards are being set by the decisions you make? I Am...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our First Business Card

Today is a glorious day! Thanks to all of those loving supporters of I Am Above TV. We are able to continue to prosper. Not only a website under development but, a package of business cards! Just take a look at how awesome these things are. Have a good day !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black History Month

Through the years people have made use of many different occasions for reasons to make a holiday. Many representing very significant contributions to society and life for the participating culture. In light of this observation, that something significant had to have happened for an occasion/person to have a holiday. What is a good example of this for the month we are currently in? "Name/Contribution" Go History!

Strong Philosophy Strong Body

Performance Inhibitor and other things to hold you back. Stress. Yes, stress can tremendously hinder the body functioning. Studies show people whose brain has stress, regularly perform worse physically than those without it. So what exactly can a person do to fix the problem?  Personally, I agree with a suggestion I ran into while reading the new "ID" magazine. Create a positive mental image in your head and focus on that when you are facing stress. What would or do you do to help handle stress?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eating Well?

In recent years, (the last 20) Obesity and health problems has sky  rocketed! In a world full of fast food resturants it's hard to find healthy food. What is the cost of our reasons for eating how we eat?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where Do Our Families Come from?

Coast to coast and around the world! The craziest most incredible idea is finding out where your bloodline goes and done so in "more than in a traditional way". Now, thanks to National Geographic partnered with IBM we all can trace our ancestors and journey back to where it all begins.  Give it a try! Jump the link and give it a go. click here

Sunday, February 3, 2013

There always has to be a leader.

In life we all look for someone to admire, to lead us to greatness. Those who lead have a greater responsibility and power. However, beware of those you choose to follow because they can lead you astray. Whether the leader is someone in the media or someone unseen, why do you choose the person you choose to stand behind?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

~243 Days in a year? Hmm..

If someone were to calculate the number of times a person lost 24hrs of the year to sleep, what would that calculate to as total "days of consciousness" for the year? I have to say with an average of 8hrs a night they'd be doing around 243 days of consciousness for the calendar year. Crazy... What is your average?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cellphones! Who needs them?

I must admit things are different when you have access to the web even on the go. Tell me in your opinion are fancy cellphones really needed?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is the most significant?

I have a question for all you readers and thinkers out there. What is the most significant thing mankind has done in the last 20 years? I was looking at the fact that there is usually a historical mark that determines different time periods in history and became curious about ours. I mean maybe it was the space jump that sole brave guy did or, something to do with technology. Who knows?  What do you think is the most significant?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Specially Made For You!

A very curious type of business, one that involves whatever you want and boxes. That's right. Think of a fandom and she will give it a go. Things that fall in between the lines and confines of having what she would credit as possible. I've seen first hand how awesome the designs are at Caities Corner I wouldn't think twice about it I am just trying to narrow down my favorite thing to get all dazzled up on these to be custom designed boxes. Check it out!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homework.. it's necessary

Topic of the moment. What does the term "I am above TV" mean to you? To me it is any conversation that says here's what we have, this is what they think of it and here's where I'm at with it because. Let me know by commenting. Also some quick announcements. One of our writers just had a beautiful baby daughter and she's gorgeous. Lastly, I Am Above TV just took another step towards a prosperous year of growth with the purchase of a domain name and website (in development). Stay tuned another big announcement! You guys are awesome and worth it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Artist Exclusive Release and Spotlight - "Music Adventure" by W.R.

"Music adventure is the realization of the poets self and how he traverses these confrontations in a musical array" says W. R. . Sounds arranged in melodies that at times hit home and other times strike another chord we know is there but, sometimes ignore. Whatever this is it is I AM ABOVE TV thinks it's creative. Topics range from A woman's beauty, questions of intellect, to political topics like jobs. Types of music display sounds usable in dramatic visceral scenes often seen in movie trailers of heavy dramatic moments in actual films with tracks like  "Temple of Heat" to types of music like "Stand Alone" that have a more reflective tone. Music is heavily sampled and "the poet" (He often refers as himself) takes little to no credit for the music. All lyric is original except where otherwise stated. Plainly put it is an attempt to inspire and question he says. Ideas and audacity my friend. ..Ideas!

|More music/ideas and part of the "Music Adventure" can be found from W.R. by way of You Tube channel. ""

W.R. has officially joined the I am above TV movement.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I AM ABOVE TV is watching an old but, relevant video of Sir Ken Robinson explaining why the education system needs to change. It is my opinion that Sir Ken Robinson has the "right" idea. Yes or no, you decide. Thanks for visiting today!