Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Is The Best Investment You Have Made In Life?

One may think of themselves as just ordinary but, here is were things get interesting. When you invest there is a law of return. Some say things are a waste of time if they did not get what they in turn intended to receive for their invested time. Consider for every force there is an equal and opposite force. Without the need to go into details about how that process works I plead this urgent question. Just what is the best investment you have made in your life? Now there are two ways to look at it one, the most effort you have put into one thing and then the biggest return you have ever received. For me personally, it is my running of which I have been doing for years since 9th grade, I'm now 24. I put a lot of effort and got a lot of reward, even some hardly to do with track n field or running. I wanna hear from you! Let me know.

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