Thursday, March 21, 2013

Internet, Just How Do You Use It?

Counting away the days in my mind of just checking Facebook, my e-mail, and maybe YouTube I probably have veered off that norm only about three out of ten times (not including this blog). Phone, PC, or tablet, I mean when is the point of wasting money on a faster than necessary connection going to come into play? Think about it..Let us say the average internet bill for higher download speeds is anywhere from $60-$80 per month as apposed to maybe $50 for basic. With a closer examination at what we are actually doing with the access as apposed to what can be done, we develop a healthier mind on how we are involved with our internet services or whether it is worth it as apposed to just using a local coffee shops or library free WiFi to handle our basic quick needs. I am curious how do you use your internet? What do you think?

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