Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just Say I Do Already!

Recently, one of our I Am Above TV writers sister got married! Yeah, I know congratulations and bravo right? Well, yes and we could just leave it at that. However, being who we are I took it personally a little further than that. Today, I'd like to talk about standards, in particular length of engagements. Now, we wont expose the length of our writer who's family member got married recently but, we will try to pick out a standard length of time for a "healthy" engagement. In my personal opinion, at least one years time is necessary and in order for an engagement to be called "healthy". Weddings are a big thing, and we all know this. Now, taking your time to plan for the wedding is good however, some people can take that too far. Three years is what I call "The Threshold" people and quite frankly pushing it (Even with unforeseen circumstances). In your opinion what is that standard? What would you prefer? Let us know below.