Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Want To Be Adults

Good afternoon,

            Another beautiful day and I am so happy you are here! Today we are talking about something that is very much a part of our world today and probably always has been. Kids want to be adults. Now, not just adults but, some try for little gods? Nonetheless, It is a very interesting topic to discuss because, we all at some point make the transition. Which one are you? Some kids want to be adults so badly they imitate and behave just like them. Down to the smallest idea and phrase. I was one of those kids that wanted to stay a child. Think back when you were growing up, how was it for you? Why do kids want to be adults? It is said that the highest level of admiration and adornment is imitation. Could it be why some kids want to be adults so badly? To make someone proud or to have freedom? I think kids want to be adults because, they are showing love. A love that is subconscious and painted in rebellion. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Phones Or New Tracking Devices?

Good morning,

          The fast approaching infamous "Black Friday" is almost upon us. It is now time for a new cellular device! Although, before you go and splurge I would like to propose a question to you. Of all the many things people may come to actual purchase cellphones are bound to be on the list. Even though, most people may not question it, how do you feel about cellphones these days? Are they just new phones or are they tracking devices? I prefer to see them as the latter, considering GPS's are actually installed in most of these devices. However, once you have identified which cellphone you will get how do we know if they are truly more necessary than the phones before?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Things We Do For Distinction

Good morning,

               Hello readers and visionaries alike! The time has come for everyone to come together as a family and celebrate just that, togetherness. Today, I was thinking to myself it's easier to get distracted than ever before, it can be difficult to build a place to focus that togetherness. How can we maximize the holidays and everyday life for that matter? The answer is something that can help create those spaces, distinction. The things we do for distinction often times vary from persons to persons, from family to family. For example, imagine having a work space at home and every time it was "professional time" you wore your shoes and a tie. Maybe, you are at a Thanksgiving gathering and there are fall colors and turkey to help build a distinction from other types of gatherings. In the home office example mentioned, what would you do to distinguish from a professional work place in what is also your home? For a Thanksgiving gathering do you feel it is even necessary to distinguish? Is distinction so important after all? Leave a comment below and have an amazing day!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Appreciation For The Unlikely

Good Morning,

            How are you wonderful people doing today?! Smile, you made it to another day! A place to grow was our last post here at IAATV's official blog spot. I'm sure there are many wonderful examples you and your friends came up with to pinpoint as places you all go to grow. Now, that we have identified those places of inspiration, I think it is only right to transition to today's reflection on something we all appreciate. Appreciation, is shown all the time in more ways than you may think. Think about school, there are entire subjects reflecting on works from the past, science and specific people, such as Shakespeare. We all like to be appreciated even though popular society only tends to recognize certain qualities. There is a beautiful example of shining excellence I would like to shed some light on today, the late "Dame" Ruth Nita Barrow. She became the first and only female Governor-General of Barbados. Who would you like to appreciate? Leave a comment below so we can see and have a wonderful day appreciating!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Nurturing Ground (A Place To Grow)

Good Afternoon,
         A place to grow, where is this located? I wish I had a precise answer to that question just like we all wish we had the exact answer to a number of questions we face daily. In a time where information is always a click away and there are a number of solutions to any one problem, we have to simplify and select more than ever before. It's no wonder most things that are sold have that "easy to use" tone to it. Now, imagine the infinite ideas not only running in your head but, others and you'll get a glimpse of how incredible and infinite things can become. It is this idea I wish to contain in an appropriate space. A nurturing ground is a place to grow and we all have need of it. What do you think about when you read these words, "a place to grow". What place do you go to grow? Thank you for your time and if you'd like leave a comment below and tell a friend!