Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Want To Be Adults

Good afternoon,

            Another beautiful day and I am so happy you are here! Today we are talking about something that is very much a part of our world today and probably always has been. Kids want to be adults. Now, not just adults but, some try for little gods? Nonetheless, It is a very interesting topic to discuss because, we all at some point make the transition. Which one are you? Some kids want to be adults so badly they imitate and behave just like them. Down to the smallest idea and phrase. I was one of those kids that wanted to stay a child. Think back when you were growing up, how was it for you? Why do kids want to be adults? It is said that the highest level of admiration and adornment is imitation. Could it be why some kids want to be adults so badly? To make someone proud or to have freedom? I think kids want to be adults because, they are showing love. A love that is subconscious and painted in rebellion. What are your thoughts?

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