Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Things We Do For Distinction

Good morning,

               Hello readers and visionaries alike! The time has come for everyone to come together as a family and celebrate just that, togetherness. Today, I was thinking to myself it's easier to get distracted than ever before, it can be difficult to build a place to focus that togetherness. How can we maximize the holidays and everyday life for that matter? The answer is something that can help create those spaces, distinction. The things we do for distinction often times vary from persons to persons, from family to family. For example, imagine having a work space at home and every time it was "professional time" you wore your shoes and a tie. Maybe, you are at a Thanksgiving gathering and there are fall colors and turkey to help build a distinction from other types of gatherings. In the home office example mentioned, what would you do to distinguish from a professional work place in what is also your home? For a Thanksgiving gathering do you feel it is even necessary to distinguish? Is distinction so important after all? Leave a comment below and have an amazing day!

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