Friday, November 2, 2012

The Ability To Read

I feel very good today. Not because, it is a season of “Thanksgiving” but, because I am able to read. Now, some of you may note that such an obvious observation isn’t worth noting. However, in my opinion you couldn’t be more wrong. With the simple ability to read I am able to connect words and understand not only complex ideas but, some of the more simple ones like, how to set up a blog (lol). This foundational lesson is one that many take for granted daily. The interesting thing about it is, just like with mostly everything, once we’ve learned it we abuse and forget it’s power moving onto the next focus. For instance, finding out that a number of tourist don't read signs in a theme parks. Important information pertaining to how things operates or directions for the next step can be neglected. Some would rather the attractions attendant tell them, or a person in authority. These are prime examples of this neglect. I’m guilty of it myself. But, who do we blame? Society? Our circumstance? I say we are the ones who have not either been shown what it truly means or have forgotten. Today, I ask you to rekindle your appreciation for reading. Ignite the flames, refocus your effort even more into something that has shaped your very existence. The power of words, coupled with the ability to read gives you the power of first hand interpretation. Read. With all this said, I have been inspired to join the motion of this conversation and help it to grow. If you would like to be apart of The "I Am Above TV" motion then what are you waiting for? It starts with the expansion of your mind. This is but, one interpretation of a massive awareness conversation. What does I Am Above TV mean to you?

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